June 22, 2009

(May 28) Meeting Summary: Wainwright / Jordan, Chapter 1-3 review

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In short,

  • chapter 1 covers an overview of variational versus MCMC inference and outlines an overview of the remaining 9 chapters.
  • chapter 2 covers a brief overview of graphical models, discussing (1) directed, undirected and factor graphs, and their Markov properties (2) what is inference, (3) several applications of graphical models including bioinformatics, computer vision, and text, (4) the sum-product algorithm and its exact form for tree-structured graphs and approximate form for graphs with cycles, (5) the junction tree algorithm which is an exact inference algorithm for general graphs (although potentially computationally expensive) and the subsequent need for approximations.
  • chapter 3 covers (1) the basics of the exponential family of distributions including several examples, (2) the role of forward/backward mapping between canonical and mean parameters in inference problems, (3) properties of the log-partition function, A, its conjugate dual, A^*, and the space of mean parameters, \mathcal{M}, and (4) conjugate duality. The most important aspect of chapter 3 is setting up the variational representation (equation 3.45 on pg. 68) which all forthcoming inference algorithms attempt to approximate.

Chapter 2 is a necessarily brief overview of graphical models, good references include:

  • Chapter 8 of “Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning“, by Chris Bishop (chapter available online). Additionally, chapter 10 covers variational methods and chapter 11 covers MCMC.
  • Chapter 2 of Erik Sudderth’s Ph.D. thesis [pdf]
  • “Graphical Models,” by Lauritzen
  • “Probabilistic Graphical Models,” by Koller and Friedman

Regarding chapter 3, the appendices contain additional helpful information and proofs.

This page overviews each of the chapters in more detail.


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