(Sep 25 12-2pm) Pre-meeting Overview: Energy Minimization via Graph Cuts


This week, continuing the theme of MAP inference, we’ll look at graph cut methods for energy minimization.

This will be the main paper: What Energy Functions Can Be Minimized via Graph Cuts? Komogorov, Zabih

This additional paper may help in understanding graph cuts: Fast Approximate Energy Minimization via Graph Cuts. Boykov, Veksler, Zabih.

There is no paper set yet for this week.  Some possibilities:

Variable Elimination, Constructing the Pseudo-tree, Min-fill, and Mini-bucket heuristic

A two week sequence of:

The first paper would be related to our previous reading, in that they do search with branch and bound.

Anything else on this page –

Post your suggestions soon, with the aim of settling on a paper by mid-day Monday.